Visions & Dreams

Photographical View of Manujothi Ashram

Two Visions Of Bro. Paulaseer Lawrie


1. Vision Of Climbing Up The Rock That Reached To Heaven

“I would like to state a vision I had in the early days of my ministry before going to the States for the first time in 1960. I was leading a multitude of people with my wife and children. We walked through mountains and valleys, through stones and thorns, through rivers and sand, through rain and sun; and thousands of men and women were rejoicing and singing and marching.As time went, one by one, many friends and believers left us as hardship came. But the march was going on and big groups of people suddenly left when we had to cross a big river and it pained us all. But courageously the rest of us were marching, and all of a sudden, we came upon a high perpendicular mountainous rock, which we had to pass over. At this juncture, some of my children wavered and kept aloof far away from the rock with most of the ‘faithfuls.’

My wife and I, and a few others were moving on slowly and faithfully and we came very near to the rock. The former courage, joy, and speed had by then left most of us. The face of the rock was almost smooth with no cavities or juttings to step on, or hold on to and climb. Moreover none of us were mountain climbers, so there was absolutely no way of going up the rock. And so when we raised our heads and looked at the great rock reaching up to heavens perpendicularly, even my wife and others too relented, saying, ‘How is it possible to climb over?’ They stopped and I moved on alone for a short while, and then a voice said, ‘Only faith on God’s Word will glorify you.’ With this voice, I was awakened and the vision left me.” (A quote from Stumbling Block, 1980.) 

2. A Striking And Exciting Vision On April 3, 1980

“Very early in the morning, the Lord woke me up 3 o’clock and suddenly a vision rose before me. In the vision, I saw a very big, but very, very long silver, fishlike aeroplane, flying at a terrific speed like a flying saucer towards me. The cockpit of the plane was dazzling bright like the sun, and it’s body was shining with electric lights. The colour of the plane was silvery. Another small vehicle like the landing vehicle on the moon, flew (rolling and rolling) close and parallel to the aeroplane, and was giving out each particular of the plane’s flight to an unknown destination. I heard close to me many voices shouting, ‘Oh, the plane has come to pick up Brother Lawrie. 

Suddenly the plane appeared to descend and land on a nearby aerodrome. Some of the people standing near me but whose heart was not rooted deeply on the Word, saw this apparent descent of the plane, and attracted by it’s beauty and lustre, rushed to the aerodrome to see it. The rest of the people who were firm on the Word stayed with me. Quite unexpectedly the plane without landing on the aerodrome came straight to me. And all those who had dashed off to see the plane at the aerodrome were never seen afterwards. But just then as if by a miracle, people who were far away in different countries, and whose heart being rooted firmly on the Word was one with mine, were found running towards me to board the plane along with those who stayed with me. So you will see it is the heart condition that matters most and not any amount of sweet ‘lip-homage’. After the vision, a great light was on me, and I couldn’t sleep the rest of the morning. You must ponder seriously on this vision and find out for yourself it’s deep impact and true meaning.” (Quote from Newsletter, April 3, 1980.)

Vivid Vision Of Deva-Evu Lawrie

After the departure of Bro. Lawrie on February 24, 1989, many people started saying many things as they liked.  There was a coterie that started spreading that Bro. Lawrie had been caught up to the throne. There were many so called believers who fell for this gimmick. When I made detailed enquiries among those people concerned, I found that there were no eyewitnesses, nor proofs nor any signs whatsoever regarding this so called ascension. It was done presumptuously. Most of the people did not care to check and verify those things with the Bible. There is no Type or Shadow or Example in the Bible to show that the Ascension of Christ takes place without any eyewitnesses, proofs nor any signs or trace. The Resurrection of the saints dead in Christ should also take place before that (I Thessalonians 4: 14-18).

When Elijah was taken up Elisha saw it and received a double portion of the Spirit of Elijah (II Kings 2:1, 9-15). When Jesus ascended up to heaven, the disciples and those gathered together with them saw it with their own eyes. They received power in the name of Jesus on the Pentecostal day (Luke 24:49,Acts 1:1-11, 2:1-3,John 6:62,John 14:12,13,16: 23,24,28). The proof of God coming down to the earth rests with His going up or Ascension (John 6:40, 41, 51, & 62, John 12:23-30). Therefore to know the Real Truth of the matter, I was waiting on the Lord for a few months in prayer. Then the Lord showed me a vision (not a dream) concerning this in the first week of July 1989. According to the vision, the glorification of the Son of Man takes place only after the resurrection of the dead saints. I found this vision to be so real and Scriptural that it made a deep impression in my mind.  Kindly go through it carefully.

I woke up from my sleep at about 2.00 am early one morning in the first week of July 1989.  I sat up on the bed and started praying.  Suddenly I saw a vision which brought me a great surprise and happiness.  Even to this day this vision is still green in my memory.  It had a great impact upon me.  I found the vision to be perfectly Scriptural too.

In this vision, I heard a great blast that opened the earth and threw the rocks to great heights. I found human figures in white dress coming out of the earth.  In a few seconds I found hundreds of thousands standing around me.  I felt as though resurrection had taken place.  My late wife Joy came and stood next to me.  In front of me stood Bro. Lawrie appearing as old as he was at the time of his death. Near him stood a lady with her head covered (veiled). Dad shook hands with me and introduced the lady to me as so-and-so. After the introduction, suddenly, Dad’s old face started changing fast and in a few seconds his face became so young and bright. I immediately shouted and said “Dad, your face has become so young and bright all of a sudden. Please tell me how? Please tell me the secret“. Then Bro. Lawrie with a smile started explaining and when I strained my ears to hear it clearly, the vision was over. Now I have to wait until the day of resurrection to know the secret.

Therefore through this vision the Lord showed me that Christ is glorified only after the resurrection of the dead in Christ. The dead saints are now waiting in Paradise. After the earthly ministry, Christ has to go and bring the dead saints in Paradise down to the earth, which we call as resurrection (I Thess.4: 14-18). Then Christ, the Man Child is caught up to the throne (Rev.12: 1-6, John 16:5-7, 16-24). Even the vision of Bro. Branham about Paradise confirms this truth. When I mentioned this after the demise of Bro. Lawrie, very few people with scriptural and spiritual insight agreed and understood this Truth. The rest of the people followed the majority crowd.

Vision That Converted A Hindu Sister

In 1974, Bro. Paulaseer Lawrie was preaching in a Town called Thisayanvilai in Tirunelveli District.  The platform for preaching was erected over an old dry well partly filled with earth. There was a good crowd of people. When Bro Lawrie was speaking to the audience in English, his eldest son Deva Evu was translating the message into Tamil. Suddenly a wooden plank on the platform broke and Bro. Lawrie and his son standing in mid-air without falling off. Then when the others warned them that they stepped on to the other side of the platform. Immediately all the people in the meeting were surprised and said, “Surely God has come down into Bro. Lawrie”

This incident was seen in a vision by a Hindu Sister called Thangam Chelliah in another village about 50 kilometres away. She was joyfully listening to a song that was being sung by her father  from Ahilathirattu, the Scripture of their Hindu Sub-sect, when she had this wonderful vision. In the vision she had felt as though she was taking part in the meeting and later she saw herself being immersed in water by Bro. Lawrie. The next day a nobleman who attended this meeting went to her village and narrated about the miracle he had seen in a meeting he had attended the previous evening. Since this is the same thing this Sister had seen in her vision the previous night, she told her father about it.  They had not heard about Bro. Lawrie earlier. Immediately their entire family went to the Manujothi Ashram and found out the Lord in their lives. They then decided as a family to devote theirselves for the cause of the Word of God and be true to it. Later the entire family was baptized by Bro. Lawrie in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. This Sister has been in the ministry  more than 42 years and is still with us.