Third Tour & The Great Event

Photograph was taken when Bro. Lawrie was talking to his devotees

Bro. & Sister Lawrie had elaborate plans for 1969, among other things, to visit various countries around the world. These plans were not realized as God had other plans for Bro. Lawrie and instead took him alone to the United States of America.  An invitation came for him to attend the seven days Kanuga Conference at Hendersonville, North Carolina, held by a group of followers of Bro. Branham. Bro. Leagh Vayle and some others included Bro. Lawrie’s name as one of the speakers in the series. The trip, beginning in June 1969, was Bro. Lawrie’s third Missionary journey to U.S.A. Bro. Lawrie, by this time, had a clear conviction that the “Bride Age” was on and that the Lord would take his bride soon to the place prepared by Him. (John 14:1-3).

He was received at the airport by Bro. & Sis. Roger Gerard, Sis. Biren, Bro. L.D. Dale and his daughter Mrs. Susie Baker who had all come to attend the conference.  Bro. Lawrie was delegated to share a room with Bro. Dale and Bro. Dale was asked to look after his needs.  Of course it was a thrill for Bro. Dale and his daughter to be given this great honour.  Bro. Lawrie could feel the indifference of some of his friends. Many of them were in favour of hearing the tapes of Bro. Branham and nothing else. It can be remembered, that earlier during his second visit to the States in 1967, he was not allowed to preach in the Branham Tabernacle, even though he was baptized there in 1960. Bro. Lawrie was now called upon to preach in the Branham Tabernacle twice in the meetings. The Lord blessed Bro. Lawrie abundantly this time. He came across many old friends and made many new ones. Even the people he casually talked with were filled with the Holy Spirit, and many were healed of their infirmities.

Eyes As Flames Of Fire

At the close of the meetings, Bro. Dale brought Bro. Lawrie to their home in Ohio where he held several meetings.  One evening he was invited to address a small gathering held at the basement of Bro. & Sis. Yingst’s home on June 18, 1969. It would interest the reader to know that exactly three years and six months had lapsed on that date, since Bro. Branham met with that fatal accident. It was at this time that the memorable event of Bro. Lawrie being transfigured into a glorious being with the flames coming from his eyes took place. It was similar to the Mount of Transfiguration Experience when Jesus Christ appeared transfigured in front of his disciples (Matthew 17: 1-2).

One Clarence Holsinger was attending the meeting having been brought by his wife, as he himself was not a believer.  During the meeting he had gone out for a smoke.  When he returned inside, Bro. Lawrie was preaching on Psalm 23.  The anointing was great that night. Bro. Lawrie too felt himself come under a terrific anointing.  As Mr. Holsinger was standing in the back of the room, he suddenly saw two flames of reddish orange fire leaping out of Bro. Lawrie’s eyes, with the intensity and power of thousands of candles.  While he stood stunned by this sight, he saw Bro. Lawrie transfigure into a person more dazzling than sunlight.  Bro. Holsinger recognized that person as Jesus.  He  spoke to Holsinger saying, “I will not allow you to turn your head until you accept me as your saviour.”

On hearing that, Bro. Holsinger tried to shift his head away as he did not want to look at this brilliant being.  But he was unable to move until he accepted Jesus as his  saviour.  Bro. Holsinger was so stunned about this experience that he could not come forward to confess what had happened until the next day. After the meeting, during the ten miles drive back to Troy, Ohio, Bro. Lawrie kept on remarking the unusually powerful anointing he had experienced while he was preaching.  It was noticed by the others as they were discussing, that Bro. Lawrie seemed to be mostly looking to one person all the while he was preaching, rather than to all of those assembled.  That evening Bro. Lawrie was not aware that Bro. Holsinger had seen him transfigured into a glorious being, but he only knew he was under a powerful anointing from God. 

The next morning, Bro. Holsinger came forward and related what he had seen the night before, how he saw Bro. Lawrie transfigured into a glorious being.  When this was known among those that were assembled, Bro. Vayle invited Bro. Holsinger over to his house to testify his recent experience. When Bro. Holsinger concluded his testimony, Bro. Vayle made the suggestion that since what he saw was real, he should obey the Lord and get baptized in water. To this Bro. Holsinger agreed and was baptized by Bro. Lawrie in one of the creeks. He was filled with Holy Spirit and also was cured of a tumour he had. The immediate effect was that he had distaste for cigarettes and gave up smoking. The cigarettes he had on him, he threw into the dustbin.  Another unusual thing was that Bro. Holsinger’s dog came in and chewed the ash tray up – a thing it never did.

Bro. Lawrie spent a sleepless night pondering over the strange incident Bro. Holsinger had reported. He tried to recollect whether such a thing of flames of fire spurting from one’s eyes has ever been recorded or reported historically. He was pondering over and over how to explain his being transfigured into a glorious being, a glorious being that Bro. Holsinger recognized as Jesus.  During this meditation, the voice of God was pointing to the Bible verses – Rev. 1:14; Dan. 10:6; Rev. 2:18; 10:1-4; 19:12. 

He felt the presence of God in such a way as never before in his life. Writing about his experience in a letter, in his characteristic humility he says, “I am writing this humbly that you dear ones who have been standing with me against odds, being on the Word of God, will reverently seek God with me and especially pray for me and my household of faith to stand worthy of our calling.” One week-end Bro. Dale and his daughter drove Bro. Lawrie to Columbus, Ohio where he was to speak in a Church. On the way, the car they were driving developed some engine trouble. That being a Sunday, they could not get any mechanic to attend to it. Bro. Lawrie in the meanwhile, had walked into the Pastor’s house nearby after saying a silent prayer. Soon after, the car was perfectly all right which was nothing short of a miracle.

During the next week while Bro. Lawrie was in Ohio there were unusual clouds and storms.  Returning home one night after a meeting in Columbus, Ohio, there was a fearful lightning storm. It was so unusually terrific striking all around the car that they thought they would not be able to reach home. The lightning was strange and frequent, and continued for nearly two hours. Many in Ohio died that night of this thunderstorm. Few days after, there was a call for Bro. Lawrie from Los Angeles from Bro. Roger Gerard whose wealthy family was well known among the different Branham centres.  He had met Bro. Lawrie at the Kanuga Conference and was so impressed with him that he wanted to take him for a tour to some of the Branham groups.

When Bro. Lawrie went there Bro. Gerard and his wife Susie Gerard were very kind to Bro. Lawrie. They took him around Los Angeles. They were trying to locate a Jewish friend. They could not get the address, but as they were driving through the city, the Spirit directed Bro. Lawrie to look right, and there was the address and also the man. He was standing on the main road. From Los Angeles, they drove to Tucson and preached there in the Tucson Tabernacle a main centre for believers of Brother Branham. Here again there were signs of lightnings and mighty thunders which shook the place. Instead of the usual crack of thunder, it was a steady roar lasting for sometime.

One day while standing outside after a meeting, suddenly a bolt of lightning struck the ground and a ball of fire rolled across the ground stopping right at the feet of Bro. Lawrie.  They were all amazed that no harm came to him.  The thunders were so unusual that even if Bro. Lawrie opened his mouth to speak to any one, there would be a peal of thunder that he decided not to speak. This persistent presence of lightnings and thunders everywhere he preached baffled Bro. Lawrie. With Bro. Roger Gerard, Bro. Lawrie went to Phoenix, Arizona to attend a B’nai Shalom meeting whose leader was Bro. Tom Tate. They were received there enthusiastically. According to their preaching, they believed that one person should come from India, and they treated Bro. Lawrie as the messenger from India.

After meeting the many saints of God in these parts of the country who had been a “great inspiration and comfort”, they drove to Canada. On the way for nearly 300 miles an unusual sight greeted them. On both the sides of the road they were driving, tall pillars of whirling dust were encountered almost at every furlong, as the Lord was visiting them with whirlwinds! At a place called Sunrise Inn, they saw a bright rainbow with the Pyramid Mountains as a back drop. It was a nice and exhilarating sight.

After several meetings in that area, plans were made to drive to Canada to attend the Moose Lake Conference, another gathering of Branham followers. Before leaving for Canada Bro. Lawrie was asked to sleep in a certain place, but a timely warning by God made him change his mind and sleep in a different place. The next morning, he was surprised to find that the man who slept in the bed allotted to him was shot, and the police were investigating. On the way to the Moose Lake Conference there was an unusual sight. On both sides of the road, tall pillars of whirling dust were encountered almost every furlong for nearly 300 miles. During the conference, the Lord blessed Bro. Lawrie abundantly. He was given the opportunity to give his testimony and pray for the sick. He gained many new friends there.

Bro. Lawrie found this conference to be the same as the Kanuga Conference with much confusion caused by the dissension and differences of opinion among the members and leaders. When Bro. Lawrie was asked to give his testimony, he spoke in a manner exalting and magnifying the Word of God. During this Conference a Sister Hazel Opalka came to Bro. Lawrie to be prayed for. She was in far-advanced stage of pregnancy and, according to the doctors, the baby was not positioned properly (breach) and the birth of the child was fraught with grave danger to the mother as well as the baby. When prayed for, this was corrected and the danger averted. Unfortunately most of the followers of Bro. Branham have been poisoned against Brother Lawrie all along by the preachers who claimed to be following the Branham message. When they saw that the “common people accepted Bro. Lawrie gladly”, they became jealous of his popularity and slandered him shamefully.

The Great Event

The Lord led Bro. Lawrie to leave the conference early and go to Chicago where he had been invited to preach at the Chicago Life Tabernacle.  That was about the time of the First Ever Moon-landing by man when there was a lot of excitement and speculation all over the world. Almost everyone all over the world were glued to their radios or televisions to watch this incident since this was the talk of almost everyone in the world.  On the way to Chicago, the Lord spoke to Bro. Lawrie in a special way and told him that one hour before man would step on the moon for the first time, He would descend to the earth to take His Bride. He commanded him to rush back to Chicago and stay there for three days and three nights and give out messages in the Life Tabernacle.

According to most Christian thinking, the return of Jesus widely proclaimed as the Second Coming was that people from all over would suddenly leave, being taken up in the sky like Elijah.  In their imagination they would picture cars, aircrafts and etc. crashing and so many other similar calamities that would happen when people are suddenly taken in the rapture. It really was the common belief and Bro. Lawrie too had thought the same way earlier.  In 1960, the Lord had told him that he would see His coming in his life.  But at the time of the first moon-landing the Lord told him that he would come down into him one hour before man stepped on the moon. On the way to Chicago dark clouds covered them and rained in every place they stayed, but lifting when they left that place. Many noticed a strange transparent white cloud above the dark clouds that moved along with them till they reached Chicago.

The God Coming Down Experience

Talking about this momentous movement, Bro. Lawrie said, “It (the cloud) did not travel along the road. It cut across the road and went and stood about the place where we should go. And when we came to Chicago at the proper time, we found out that the Lord was moving.   We were preaching in the Life Tabernacle for three days and three nights, and on Moon-landing day I had a small television set in front of me. As man was about to land on the moon, one hour before, according to their announcement, I could see the sky open and a terrific power come into my heart”.

Immediately Bro. Lawrie felt himself transformed into two persons – one Jesus Christ and the other himself – yet fused into one within the mighty presence of the power of God. This is similar to the incident in the Bible when the Light of God came down into Jesus Christ in the form of a dove and united with Him. Thus God could indwell in the fullness of the Godhead bodily after He was baptized by John the Baptist. This was such an unique experience that Bro. Lawrie felt the inadequacy of words whenever he tried to tell about it. Whenever he tried to express it, and he always failed. He would attempt to explain it by standing close to some one and going through the motion of his hands to show people how it was, and again he would fail. It is difficult for anyone to fully grasp the glorious act of God or fully understand the significance of it either.

The Lord Jesus Christ when He walked this earth 2000 years ago said he would come back again; but down the ages mankind had misconstrued it in their own imagination. When it happened quite different against their thinking, most people are not able comprehend and thus they reject God’s move.  This momentous event happened on July 20, 1969 (July 21st in India), on the last day of the meeting. During the First Ever Moon-landing, on July 20, 1969 when all the people of the world were united as one, watching this great event of the Astronaut landing on the moon  The Lord Jesus gave Bro. Paulaseer Lawrie the revelation required for the Coming of Christ and came down into Him at Chicago, U.S.A.

Bro. Lawrie said that God had descended on the First Moon-landing day  just as God descended when all the people of the earth were of one mind trying to build the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11: 1-9, Exodus 3: 9-10, Acts of Apostles 7: 32-34, Genesis 18: 20-21, Matthew 17: 1-3, 24: 36-39,42,44, Mark 13: 32). Describing the day, even President Nixon of USA had said that there never was day like that in the history of the whole world when all the people of the world were united as one. We know that when man landed on the moon, he brought back some soil and some pieces of the rocks of the moon back to the earth.  But at the same time God too descended on the earth to take human beings of clay back to heaven with Him in the rapture to make them immortal.

While within this glory-filled canopy of the Heavenly power, Lord Jesus broke open to Bro. Lawrie those secrets and mysteries of God kept hidden away by Him for this end-time. The side of Jesus inside said in that awe-inspiring voice, “I am the Resurrection”. To this the response from the side of Bro. Lawrie was, “I am the Life”. Jesus’ side continued, “He that believeth in me, though he were dead yet shall he live”. The answering voice from Bro. Lawrie’s side said, “He that liveth and believeth in me shall never die”.

“I will not die” thundered Bro. Lawrie immediately when he came out of this glorious oneness with Jesus. He said, “It is possible to overcome death in this generation”. Bro. Lawrie explained that the whole plan from before the foundation of this world to the end was shown to him at that moment.  Years later he said, “If I had told the whole thing then itself, it would have been too much for you.  So God had enabled me to give the truth little by little”. Great Revelations concerning the Plan of Redemption, The Preparation of the Bride of Christ, The Son of David, The Seven Unwritten Thunders, New Name and many other things hitherto unknown were revealed by Bro. Paulaseer Lawrie for the preparation of the Bride of Christ. (Revelation 19: 7-9, Romans 8: 19-24, II Corinthians 5: 1-10, I Corinthians 15: 35-55, II Samuel 7: 12-19,  I Chronicles 17: 11-17, Psalm 89: 3-4, 19-20, 26-37, Revelation 5:5, 10: 1-7, 19: 11-16, 22: 6-9, 16,17,20, John 17: 26).

It is evident that the people in the Bride-age, who believe in the Lord coming down on Bro. Lawrie and act according to what the end-time message says, will straight-away be transformed into life without tasting death at the time of the First Resurrection. This message will challenge all the religions of the world and most of all the present day so-called Christianity which has been polluted by the discordant conflicting opinions from the minds of men.

During the weeks before God coming down, the cloud always was resting with them as of old when God Almighty was tabernacled with the Israelites in the wilderness. The thunderstorms never ceased with heavy downpours.  It can be mentioned that in July just before the moon-landing day event, in the Troy, Ohio area, there was a big storm and three large trees were hit by lightning.  One tree was hit at the home of Bro. Dale, one at the home of his daughter five miles away and one at the home where the transfiguration event took place ten miles away.

After finishing the Chicago meetings, God led Bro. Lawrie to leave for India immediately.  He then cancelled all the future engagements, cutting short his stay in America. Bro. Lawrie along with Bro. Dale and the Gerards traveled by car to Brother Dale’s home in Troy, Ohio, to make preparations to leave America. At that time, Bro. Dale’s daughter Suzanna Baker went to see them and she too received the new message and subsequently came to understand the revelation of God coming down into His chosen man. On the way to New York from where Bro. Lawrie was leaving for India, he could meet Bro. & Sis. Scott at Silver Creek, and had useful discourses on the Seven Church Ages and Seven Seals. Bro. Lawrie accompanied by Mr. & Mrs. Gerard were seen off at New York by some of their friends on their travel to India. The cloud showed up at Rome, Greece and also other places where they went.

Back At Chennai, India

The Gerards then accompanied Bro. Lawrie back to India. The whirlwinds lashed the place in Greece as they prayed at Mars Hill, thanking God for the spread of Gospel to the Gentiles through Apostle Paul. They made their plea to God to make the Jews accept the Gospel in the same way. The next stopover was Tel Aviv where also the cloud showed up. Here they thanked and praised God for taking them to the Promised Land of the Word of God (Holy Bible) where they could meet the Bridegroom. They continued the journey to Bombay and then on to Chennai (Madras).

On his arrival in Madras, Bro. Lawrie visited the house of Bro. Thomas. As he was knocking at the door, his wife had a fleeting vision that a beggar was knocking at the door. When he opened the door, his wife again saw a vision of Jesus Christ standing at the door with flames of fire spurting out of His eyes. So Bro. Thomas was convinced that God had really come down and into Bro. Lawrie. This brother was fasting for 40 days and broke his total fast just a few days before the Moon-landing day. Another brother, Bro. Jeevaputhiran, also undertook a total fast for 40 days, which ended on the Moon-landing day. He was finishing his fast in the morning of July 21, 1969, at the home of the Lawries and Deva-Evu Lawrie was helping him.  When Deva Evu switched on the radio, pat came the announcement that Armstrong was about to put his foot down on the moon.  Later the Lord revealed to Jeevaputhiran that he did come down on the Moon-landing day.

Another woman in Chengalpattu was favoured with God’s revelation of His coming down. As she was on the open fields collecting firewood, there was a fierce whirlwind and she heard a voice telling her that Jesus Christ has come down to earth on Moon-landing day. She wrote to enquire about it to the Lawries. The confirming news was passed on to her.

Covenant With God

Soon after their arrival, this message of God coming down was preached in all the seven believers Assemblies at Chennai.  The people felt the anointing of this message and were awe-struck. The Lawries, Bro. & Sis. Gerard and few others went to Nazareth where Bro. Lawrie spent his boyhood days. From there they went to Kanyakumari District and stayed in the Cape Hotel at Cape Comorin. They addressed some meetings there in the district. Wherever they went, God vindicated them with the cloud in a special way. The band of nine people with Bro. Lawrie made a covenant with God placing their hands on the Bible and promising to surrender themselves totally to God, to be reconstructed and be ready to be taken off any moment. Those who made the covenant are: Bro. & Sis. Lawrie, Bro. & Sis. Gerard, Rev. Jothipackiam (an ex-Anglican Pastor), Bro. & Sis. Deva-Evu Lawrie, Bro. Ravikumar and Bro. Jeevaputhiran.

Before the covenant, they saw a circular rainbow around the sun, and after the covenant a circular rainbow around the moon, reminding them that God would make a covenant with them as he had done with Noah. God also gave them a new anointing which changed them completely – an experience they never had in all their lives. The form of the New Covenant is given in the Appendix for the interested ones who want to come under this New Covenant. It was then that they prayed for the two sons of Bro. Lawrie in colleges at Chennai for their full surrender to God. That the prayers were heard immediately was quite evident as their third son Devadayavu left his studies to serve God fully. Their second son Devaseer, who had just a few months to finish his Veterinary Doctor’s degree, wrote to his father that he too was quitting studies to serve God.  Their eldest son Deva Evu Lawrie was already in the fulltime ministry since 1966.

In all his dealings, Bro. Lawrie had been backed by some unseen power that was awe-inspiring even to himself. When they were at the Cape Hotel (India), a person told him a deliberate lie. Suddenly some unseen power struck him down and he fell down, screaming and was carried out of the hotel unconscious. A believer told a casual lie, and that night, he was tormented so severely that he went running to Bro. Lawrie and confessed his fault. A brother in the Lord was casually talking to Bro. Lawrie one dark night as they sat on a lonely bench. He was surprised to see a bright light on Bro. Lawrie’s face as he looked up at the sky. The light was gone when he looked up again. This so scared that brother that he re-consecrated his life to God. These strange experiences made everyone get closer to God and the Bible.

There was a wonderful baptism service at Vellore after a series of meetings. A photograph was taken of a group of about 50 people after that service. The same cloud was there as usual, and a big ball of light was seen right above the head of Bro. Lawrie who was in the picture, and it was photographically recorded. Many youngsters and some families too were touched by God and had left all their worldly possessions to follow the Lord Jesus Christ. After the covenant, a cloud was always seen towards any of the corners of the residence or at the places Bro. Lawrie stayed, and lightning sparkling without any thunder is witnessed at regular intervals. The phenomenon had been noticed often in the nights displaying continual flashing from six in the evening to six in the morning. God had been revealing many things from the Bible those days.                  

At a meeting as Bro. Lawrie was boldly giving out what the Lord had revealed to him saying, “God has come down to meet the Bride”, a terrific thunder shook that place. This took place during the day time when there were no visible rain clouds in the sky. People present were awe-struck by the thunder which sounded as if it vindicated what Bro Lawrie was saying.