New Year Newsletter January 2019

Dearly Beloved in Christ Jesus

Greetings in His Precious Name. We greet you for the New Year 2019 in which we pray that the blessings of the Lord be poured upon you abundantly. May the Lord open your understanding to see and recognize the day and its message and understand the great mysteries meant for the Bride of Christ. May you be partakers of the fulfilments of God’s Word for the Bride of Christ.

Three Comings Of Christ

We all know that there are Three Comings of Christ. The First one is past. The Third coming takes Place when He comes on the Mount of Olives with the Saints. The Second Coming is now on which ends in the resurrection and the Rapture.

In the First Coming, Jesus came to save the sinners and finished the Work of Salvation and paid for our ransom with His blood, shed on Calvary. Through His blood we were washed from our sins and received the Salvation of our souls. It was a secret until He came back from the dead and revealed it to His followers. Millions have been saved during the past 2000 years after Christ

In the Second coming Christ comes back to take with Him those who were washed by His blood in the Rapture . We get an immortal body which is the Redemption of our body. Just as Salvation is fully the Work of Christ, Redemption too is totally the Work of Christ in the Second coming which is a mystery. This is the Seven Thunder Mystery which is fulfilled by Christ the Mighty Angel of Revelation 10:1-7

Every believer washed by the blood of Jesus Christ is expected to keep herself ready as bride to take part in the glorification and rapture. For that she/he needs to identify the Christ and his End Time message for the Glorification. This could be possible only by having a closer fellowship and walk with the Lord Jesus just like Enoch walked with God and watching the fulfillment of signs mentioned in the Book of Revelation given to John the Disciple of Jesus Christ.

The Lord Jesus prepared Bro. Lawrie for His Second Coming and gave the revelation that He would be descending into him (Bro. Lawrie) bodily just one hour before Man set his foot on the Moon. On the very First Apollo 11 Moon landing historical day, July 20th 1969, Bro. Paulaseer Lawrie was preaching at the Life Tabernacle, Chicago when they announced over the Television that man would set foot on the moon in one hour.

In God’s appointed time exactly before an hour of moon landing Bro. Lawrie saw the heaven open and felt a Great Power entered into him. This is similar to the experience Jesus had after being baptized of John and the Word was made Flesh in Jesus.

There was a lot of excitement throughout the World and The American President Nixon also said “There never was a day in the history of the whole world when all the people of the World were of one mind”. All the people were excited over the First Moon landing. Bro.Lawrie was comparing the situation which caused God to come down when people were of one mind and built the Tower of Babel.

The announcement of the Second coming of Christ attracted many people all over the world to converge to the Manujothi Ashram in India. Televisions and Radios and other media came out with this news throughout the world including America, South America, Canada, all European countries, Africa, India and South East Asian countries etc.

We decree the good news of Lord’s Second coming on the earth. We have published books in English and Tamil which contain the Biography of Bro Paulaseer Lawrie and the bride message for your benefit. Tamil biography book can be obtained freely by writing to us ([email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected]). You can also receive the Tamil book copy by filling your contact details in our contact us page in this website.

As we published the life history of Bro Paulaseer Lawrie and the End Time Bride messages concerning the Second Coming of Christ in the website both English and Tamil. we also working swiftly to bring in  very soon the other languages like Hindi and Telugu for the benefit of others. This website design and operation is managed by Bro Chandran Basker Babu from Chennai for the glory of God. May they bring forth Great blessings to you.

Yours in Christ’s Eternal Love