The Global Call

Bro & Sis Lawrie Visit to Germany

The Invitation

During the 40 day fast undertaken by Bro. Lawrie, he became very weak towards the end of the fast. The believers around him were praying for him that the Lord give him the strength to complete the fast.  Suddenly the Spirit of God spoke to Bro. Lawrie.  The Spirit was crying, “My America, My America, you have left me.  I ordained you to be a peculiar treasure, but you have left me.”  But at that time, Bro. Lawrie was thinking why the Lord was crying over America.  Therefore he was asking God, “Why don’t you cry for India?”  Then He gave him a vision and told him, “I am going to take you all over the world; be ready.  Wherever I take you, they who receive me will receive you. Where they reject me, you will be rejected too.  So do not worry.” 

God revealed His plans to send Bro. Lawrie on a tour abroad in two dreams to Sis. Lawrie. In the first dream she saw her husband attending Brother Oral Roberts’ meeting and giving a testimony. The next night, in what appeared to be the continuation of the first dream, she saw him visiting other places. Waking up she said, “Surely you are going abroad”.  Bro. Lawrie was taken by surprise at her statement and questioned, “How can a man without a penny go all over world?” Then came the invitation. An International Conference on Healing was scheduled to be held at Scotland. It was a Conference of the Order of St. Luke and of all the Anglican and Protestant denominations. Someone in their Committee who was aware of how God was using Bro. Lawrie mightily in healing ministry, had included his name, and the invitation was sent out for him to attend. He received the invitation, but had neither money nor the passport.

It so happened that the son of the General Superintendent at the Christian Medical College Hospital, Vellore, Bro. Lawrie’s one time Boss, was seriously ill, suffering from a disease that caused profuse bleeding from different parts of the body.  Bro. Lawrie was called in to pray for the child and the child was healed.  The grateful Superintendent offered to get the passport and help book the ticket for Bro. Lawrie. So he had the ticket and the necessary papers to fly to London but had no money to cover the expenses. His wife comforted him saying, “You just go. We can see that God is taking you along”.  Therefore with less than 50 cents with him, he flew to the conference.           

Travel In Europe       

From London on to Glasgow everything went on smoothly, but when he got himself introduced at the Conference hall, the organizers demanded of him money for the expenses of board and lodging. When he confessed that he had no money on him, they insisted that he should somehow pay enough money to cover the expenses for one week. Two preachers jumped in volunteering to pay for Bro. Lawrie. One of them who paid for him was Rev. David J. DuPlessis, the famous Full Gospel preacher and associate of Bro. William Branham. When Bro. Lawrie came to his room, he could not open it because the locks were of such different type than the Indian ones.  He had to get the help from the reception to get into his room.  Strange were the things that he had to encounter that he felt uneasy.  Everything was much different than what he was accustomed to.  He had just landed there from a hot climate with no proper clothing for the cold climate of Glasgow.  He got so cold that he used to cover himself with the mattress to keep warm.  He was the only black man on the streets of Glasgow those days so that everyone would stand and stare at him making him feel he was a stranger.  To avoid embarrassment he seldom stirred outside the hotel either.

During his stay at Glasgow, he was allowed to preach in the famous Presbyterian Scottish Church, a big church where Robert Bruce had preached. At the conference he made acquaintance with many important people from all over the world. At the end of the week the meetings were over and Bro. Lawrie was left alone in his hotel room, not knowing what he would do next or where to go.  Bro. Lawrie could not go visiting places as he had no money on him.  The next morning he was to vacate the hotel room. In the middle of the night there was a knock on the door.  As he opened the door a man stood there and asked, “Is Mr. Lawrie in?” Not able to understand the purpose of this untimely call, Bro. Lawrie replied, “Yes, I am Lawrie. What do you want?” The man, a complete stranger said, “I came to see you”.  In a faltering voice continued, “I was sleeping when the Lord, in a dream, told me that one Mr. Lawrie is here in this room and directed me to give him just two pounds. I would have given more, but I was instructed by the Lord to give you only two pounds.”  He handed two pounds to Bro. Lawrie and left.  After getting the two pounds Bro. Lawrie was thinking, “Lord, you had prevented this willing giver from giving me more.”

In the morning when Bro. Lawrie went to the station to book a ticket to London, he found that the fare to London was exactly two pounds! He got into the train hungry as there was no money for food.  But still he was grateful that he could at least reach London. A Welsh pastor who had been at the conference entered the train and greeted Bro. Lawrie warmly. They traveled to London together and he ordered a nice meal for them both.  After being nicely fed there, came the question of what to do when the train reached London. At each stage of the journey all the needs were met one by one at the right moment and the Lord was teaching him Faith Life.

At London, as he stepped off the train, not knowing where to go, he heard someone call him “Lawrie”.  Right there stood a man known to Bro. Lawrie.  He was Bro. William Allegacoone, a Sri Lankan who was entertained by the Lawries at their home at Nazareth earlier and now he was settled in London.  He took Bro. Lawrie to his home at London and asked him to stay with him as long as he remained in London.  At this man’s home there was a new overcoat and a new pair of shoes remaining idle for more than a year since that would fit no one there.  Bro. Lawrie was asked to try them on and they fit him exactly.  The Lord had prepared the overcoat and the pair of shoes to his size in advance.

Bro. Lawrie attempted to go for open-air preaching in the streets of London, but was stopped by a policeman who told him it was not allowed.  Bro. Lawrie was wondering what he should do next and was waiting on the Lord for his guidance.  That night the Lord told him to go to Sharps Toffee Company and take a job there.  When Bro. Lawrie answered and said, “I did not come to work in London”, the Lord said, “You go there. I want to teach you something.”  For 21 days he worked in that firm doing a labourer’s job of loading heavy crates on trucks. It was an all-night, back-breaking work in which Bro. Lawrie saw what God was teaching him. He realized that he was to work like a labourer and not question the Lord.  He had to endure harsh treatment from the overseer, who always spoke to him harshly, using dirty words.  At the end the Lord guided him to leave the job.

On receiving his pay packet for his labour at the Toffee Company, Bro. Lawrie could travel to Holland. He had no letter of introduction, nor did he know any person there. On reaching Holland he made enquiries of the various Churches. As he was stepping into a Pentecostal Church, a band of Gospel workers were coming out for street preaching. It was so precisely timed that he could join this Gospel team. A chemist from the group volunteered to interpret for him. Bro. Lawrie was invited by the chemist to stay in his house, where he was very hospitably received, and was with them for nearly a month.

While there, someone invited him to preach at a place called De Hezenburg. Just as they reached the place, the engine of the car they were driving stalled. The owner of the car suddenly leaned back aghast and repeated, “This can’t be”, “This can’t be!” When Bro. Lawrie asked him, “What can’t be?” he explained that the car had no fuel to come that distance. He had forgotten to fill the tank on the way because he so engrossed in their conversation about the Lord. The gas (petrol) they started with could not have taken them more than 10 kilometers, but they had covered nearly 50 kilometers miraculously!

An unforgettable episode was his encounter with Mrs. Plug. She was the wife of a Dutch Reformed Church Minister. When Bro. Lawrie called on her and said, “Sister, I come from India…” she snapped, “Yes. Lot of people come from India and they cheat us and leave. If you want to stay, you should wash all the dishes”. Without questioning he obeyed the Lord’s dictates and undertook the job. He used to clean hundreds of dishes a day. After finishing his duty, he retired to his room and used to kneel down and pray, at times all night long. He was spied upon by someone and this habit of praying was reported to Mrs. Plug.  Mrs. Plug then called him and said, “You seem to be a servant of God. You are a praying man” and treated him with respect.

Mrs. Plug arranged for him to preach in a number of Dutch Reformed Churches where he soon became known in that area.  He was invited to a party at a Missionary Training Centre, Zendings Bureau, and was wrongly designated as Reverend Lawrie in the fixtures. When he arrived there, someone asked him casually, “Where were you ordained?”  Bro. Lawrie could only reply, “Ordained by Jesus Christ”.  The questioner persisted, “What? Which Church?” So he had to tell him plainly that he was not ‘Reverend Lawrie’, but ‘Brother Lawrie’ ordained by God. The atmosphere suddenly changed and he was given a cold reception as they did not want anyone who was not ordained by a church. The Principal came to him and said, “You are a fool. You should have kept quiet. They would have given you a grand reception”. He could not tell a lie. No one even wished him good-bye. As he walked out he just said, “Thank you Jesus, I learned something”.

Macedonian Call To America

United States of America was the next country of call for Bro. Lawrie. As usual he did not have the money at hand to purchase the ticket when the move came. He told his friends in Holland to book a ticket for him and promised to give the money the next day. They knew his financial position and said, “Bro. Lawrie, this is not India! We must see the money first: then the ticket comes”. To this Bro. Lawrie confidently replied that he would give it the next day, exhibiting the kind of faith he always has. The next day he received a letter from a gentleman in Persian Gulf.  Enclosed was the money for the ticket! 

In the meantime Bro. Lawrie had received a Gospel movie film free from Sir Thomas Lees (Bart.) of Lytchett Minster, England.  It was a film on John the Baptist and Jesus Christ titled “Voice in the Wilderness”.  Led of the Lord, Bro. Lawrie crossed over to America in a ship. The sinful life of the Western men and women in the name of civilization was appalling. He inquired if he could show the film on board the ship.  With the aid of the film on John the Baptist and Jesus Christ, he could preach to the passengers and crew of the ship. This also opened doors for him in America. With the Spirit of God crying about America earlier, he was responding to the Macedonian Call.

Happy To Be A Black Man

Unless one is sponsored by a Church or a denomination, it is a very difficult task for a preacher to be received in any place in America. The day he landed at New York, Bro. Lawrie learnt this lesson the hard way. He had in his possession the address of the New York representative of Assemblies of God and he went straight to him, but was quickly sent out of this man’s office unceremoniously. Having no place to stay in that cold weather, he then roamed about the streets and bought some peanuts for his dinner. Hearing some nice singing in a Pentecostal Church, The Glad Tidings Tabernacle, he went in and sat through the meeting. As he had no place to go, he sought permission to spend that night in the Church premises, but was rudely sent out on the streets and told, “Get out you black man”.

Dejected, he went to a park and sat on a bench, cold and shivering.  In abject disappointment at the treatment received, he was angry with the Lord for creating him black and for permitting a world where the white people bear ill-will towards those of another colour. Just then a man came and sat on the bench with him. Bro. Lawrie turned away to another direction thinking it was a white man as he did not want to speak to any white man again. The man opened up saying, “You seem to be very angry”.  Bro. Lawrie retorted, “Yes, I am very angry”. But that man said, “ If they have rejected you, they have rejected me too because when I was in this world, I was not a white man”

So saying the man walked away in a fast pace. “Oh! Jesus, I didn’t know that” said Bro. Lawrie and pursued Him.  Then Jesus turned and laughingly said again, “When I was on earth I was not a white man”. When Bro. Lawrie tried to catch Him, He vanished. Then Bro. Lawrie was happy and said, “I am happy that I am a black man because my master Jesus Christ was not a white man.” He then went to the Springfield Assemblies of God  which was well spoken of. There he was taken around the vast buildings and network of this mammoth organization. At their missionary meetings that were in session, the burden of their speeches was “How to collect money?” and “How to spend money?”

Speaking to the chief of that institution, Bro. Lawrie inquired about joining the organization. He really did not want to join but he just wanted to see what the process was.  He was turned down as the chief wanted their missionary in India to testify to the credentials of Bro. Lawrie. It was God’s will that he should not join any group or denomination. From New York, Bro. Lawrie went to Chicago and was put up at a place called El-Bethel run by Sis. Wright. But later he was thrown out from this place also, as he differed with one Pastor Mead on the question of “Rapture before or after Tribulation”.  When the pastor was taking Bro. Lawrie for a meal he asked him this question, “Should the Rapture be before or after Tribulation.” Bro. Lawrie answered and said, “Whether the Rapture is before or after Tribulation, it did not matter to him.  He would be ready anyway.”  The pastor became so incensed with that answer that he had him pushed out of that place.

At a Full Gospel Businessmen’s Association Meeting which Bro. Lawrie attended, the Lord opened an opportunity for him to give his testimony. After hearing his testimony he was well received.  Many who believed Bro. Branham’s message were there at that meeting. The next day, the Editor of ‘Christian Life Magazine’, Bob Walker invited him over to his place and took lots of photographs to splash them across the pages of his magazines. But on hearing adverse reports from Bro. Bhakth Singh’s people in Chennai, India, (Bro. Bhakth Singh was their missionary in India), these pictures were withheld from being published.

Revelation Of The Name Of Jesus

Once when Bro. Lawrie riding a car near Chicago, a stranger in an ordinary suit stopped the car and got in.  This man asked Bro. Lawrie, “What is the Name of your God”.  Bro. Lawrie fumbled for the proper answer saying, Jehovah, Almighty God, Father, Son and Holy Ghost and so forth.  Then the stranger said, “Aren’t you ashamed not to know your God’s name?”  And then for about ten minutes he opened the Bible and expounded the whole thing about the oneness of the Godhead and said, “People have been fooled by the devil through the Trinitarian doctrine; but Jesus is His name.

As Bro. Lawrie was looking at the Bible, the man stopped the car and got out.  Remembering that he had not thanked the man, he looked out and found no one there.  Both he and the driver searched for him, but he had completely disappeared.  There was no building or anything where he could have gone.  It was just open field on both sides, yet he was nowhere to be seen.  The driver was so mystified that he even looked under the car and raised the hood of the car, searching for the man.  Later Bro. Lawrie realized who He was. One Sunday he was invited to preach in a Church. When he arrived there, he found just one man, apart from the Pastor and his wife in the Church.  He preached for the three people for two hours. At the end they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and danced in ecstasy.

At Los Angeles he wrote to Sister Moore of the “Herald of His Coming” expressing his desire to meet her. Back in India he used to receive very nice letters from this lady. But this time he received this curt reply, “Please don’t come and see me. I don’t want to see anyone. And who are you?” It was in the middle of a service that he went to ‘Herald of Hope’. So he quietly sat on the last bench. The person was giving out his sermon, when a man got up and prophesied, “I have sent my servant from far-away India. He has just come in. Listen to him”. The preacher Mr. Smith stopped his sermon and asked, “Is there an Indian here?” Bro. Lawrie had to come out behind the desk where he was trying to duck his head. He spoke there at the meeting and was invited to stay as long as he liked.

From there he went over to Florida where inadvertently a friend took him to Clear Water Church (a church with an all white congregation) where the colour prejudice was at its worst. He was treated rudely and was asked to leave. Bro. Oral Roberts was addressing meetings at a place close-by. So, Bro. Lawrie went over there and tried to meet him. Except that he could shake hands with Bro. Oral Roberts and exchange courtesies, he could not get an interview. That evening he was offered an opportunity to give his testimony and to answer questions thrown at him.

After attending meetings at Ardmore, Oklahoma, Bro. Lawrie was taken by a family. He preached in the Methodist Church there. The lady of the house said, “Bro. Lawrie, we love you so much. We are poor. But we want to present you with a scooter. We will pay for it in monthly installments. Please accept it for God’s work”.  The scooter was sent to India and it was of immense value in the ministry in India.

Joined To God And Not To Man

 Of David, God had said that he was “A man after His own heart”. Bro. Lawrie too had the desire right from the beginning to be called “A man after God’s own heart” like David. He always had the inner urge to please God just as David pleased God in all his words and deeds.  Therefore he could not attach himself to any group or denominational church which could affect his dependence upon God. From Ardmore, Oklahoma, he went to Tulsa again and was shown the grand buildings of Bro. Oral Roberts. During the Board meetings they tried to recruit Bro. Lawrie into their group to be a representative of theirs in India with promise of thousands in money and material. This was turned down as Bro. Lawrie said he was nobody’s man but a representative of Jesus Christ. However he promised to help arrange a meeting in India for the Oral Roberts team which he did after his return to India.

It was after much persuasion that he could get an interview with Bro. T.L. Osborn. Bro. Lawrie had to come away disappointed from him because no help was forthcoming from him too. Also he would not join hands with any group. A lot of groups wanted him to join with them when they saw the powerful ministry that God had given him in praying for the sick.  They would offer many thousands of dollars of help for him if he joined them.  It was always a temptation since he knew he could help the people of India with large sums of money. Even sometimes when he was inclined to join some group, the Lord would always put a stop to it.  One time he was about to join the Assemblies of God church.  At that time, he was informed by his wife that his eldest son was seriously ill.  His wife had stated, “What are you doing? Our eldest son is dying.  Do not join any group or denomination.  God will punish us.” 

They had many previous experiences of doing something that displeased God resulting in one of the children becoming seriously ill.  Whenever they confessed their mistake, the child would become all right.  So when Sister Lawrie informed him about the illness of his son that Bro. Lawrie decided not to join the Assemblies of God church. Another time he was tempted to join the Church of God.  He was thinking that this was a wonderful place to join, after he spent eight days at their Bible School.  They took him all over the place saying, “Brother Lawrie is going to be a mighty man of God and is going to join our denomination.”  He was riding a bus on his way to join them.

There he had a vision that he was running around naked.  He was trying to hide his nakedness and everyone was laughing at him.  Then a voice said, “My son, take care lest your nakedness be seen.  Keep your garment spotless.  Let no man take away your garment.”  He then informed those people that he was not going to join them and walked away friendless and empty handed. Though there was resistance wherever he went, there were others who loved and respected him. At the Redlands Camp, Farthest Out, Los Angeles, he was given an enthusiastic welcome by some members there. When he noticed the preacher, Mr. Norman Clark sitting uncomfortably with a sprain in the neck, Bro. Lawrie went over to him and touched him prayerfully.

This brought Mr. Clark immediate relief. When those who saw this happen started crowding around Bro. Lawrie, the Secretary ordered Bro. Lawrie out of the meeting. Many apologized for this rude ruling but were helpless. At the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship Annual Dinner which he attended, Bro. Lawrie could watch how they raised funds. They made an announcement asking those willing to give 1000 dollars to raise their hands. They went even up to 65,000 dollars. An acquaintance of Bro. Lawrie raised his hands for 5,000 dollars. Knowing the financial position of that man to be poor, Bro. Lawrie sidled up to him and asked secretly how he proposed to pay that large sum. The man truthfully told him that he was not to pay any amount. He had been asked by the Committee to raise the hands just to encourage others to give greater contributions.  For doing that he was paid some money.

In his travels throughout America, the Greyhound Bus had become like a second home for Bro. Lawrie.  For nearly a year, he had been going from city to city, traveling to different meetings and Christian centres. Most of the time he would just reach there, a stranger, waiting for the Lord’s leading to furnish him with his meals and lodging.  Every time, God would bring forth some one who would recognize him as a true servant of God and would befriend him.  Still it was lonely and stressful, just living on the roads going from place to place, not knowing if he would be received or not. But he was joined to God (James 4: 8).

Voice Of God In Prophecy

 On the morning of April 10, 1960 Bro. Lawrie got up and he was washing his face.  Just then he heard the Spirit of God speaking to him of the future which is given as follows: “My child, I brought you throughout the world to teach you many truths, to make you holy. You will see my coming in this world in Glory, in this generation. I chose you to destroy and overpower the darkness and not to get a big name for yourself. The world did not receive me and how will they receive my child born of my blood?  “This path of mine is very difficult. I am taking you to India with new power and strength. I will live and will lead you to eternity. Your home affairs I will take care. So do not doubt your steps as I am guiding you. Will you do without doubting my child? With a new gift I will work in India. I am taking you to my prophet to explain to you things clearly. He will talk to you and clear your doubts and will answer all your questions, which trouble your mind.”

Meeting The Prophet William Branham

At Homosassa Springs, Florida he had met a friend who had given him a room in his home.  After being away from India all this time, Bro. Lawrie was longing for his family and wanted to return home to India.  But he had no money to go back.  He was desperate, not knowing what to do to return to India since he was not willing to ask any man for his needs.  It was then that the Voice of God audibly spoke to him and said, “Go and meet my prophet, William Branham before leaving for India”.  The Voice directed him and said, “Go to Chicago to the house of Mr. Henry Avicola (giving the exact address) and sit in front of the house on the stone. They will take you to Jeffersonville.” 

Then Bro. Lawrie asked, “How can I go? I have no money.”  The Voice said, “You will be invited to preach today and they will give you the money.”  Right then the phone rang and someone requested Bro. Lawrie to speak at their church.  There he was given enough money for him to go to Chicago. When Bro. Lawrie reached the address, he found the family preparing to visit Bro. Branham and asked if he could join them.  Three cars were ready to move off to Jeffersonville.  They said, “We have no room to take you.”  At that moment, Mr. Avicola’s neck twisted in a cramp.  He was in so much pain that they were considered dropping the plan of going to Jeffersonville.  Bro. Lawrie came forward and prayed and his neck became all right.  Now recognizing Bro. Lawrie as a precious brother they all wanted him to ride in their respective cars. Accommodating him for an hour in each car, the party willingly took him along.

When they reached Jeffersonville, there were hundreds of people gathered at Bro. Branham’s place waiting to see him. It was doubted whether Bro. Lawrie would be able to meet Bro. Branham who had just returned from his meetings in Florida, closing it earlier than scheduled.  As they were waiting, Bro. Branham came there and called out, “Lawrie, come here”. Bro. Lawrie was taken by surprise since there was no chance of anyone giving his name to the Prophet. As Bro. Lawrie was proceeding towards the dais, Bro. Branham declared publicly, “Here is a man who will not be satisfied with anything but God”.

 Frightened that this man of God could reveal even the sins lurking in the deep recesses of his heart, Bro. Lawrie mumbled a silent prayer: “Lord, I am a sinner. What would these people think of me if my sins are made manifest”. But as he went over to him, Bro. Branham said, “I want to talk to you”. His secretary who was allotting time for interviews said, “Only time for Five minutes, Sir”. To this Bro. Branham said, “I want to talk to him for an hour”, and closed the door. Closetted together, they discussed about the doctrines and theories. In one hour they could cover a wide range of subjects. As Bro. Lawrie was coming out, Bro.Branham asked, “Tomorrow are you going to take baptism?” Bro. Lawrie said, “No Sir, I am not convinced yet”. Then a photograph was taken of Bro. Branham as he put his arm around Bro. Lawrie. 

Such love had not been shown from the leaders in all the other places he had gone in his travels because of the unrestrained colour prejudice prevalent in those days at certain places in U.S.A.  Only Bro. Branham had thus embraced him in a close hug.  He also seems to have mentioned to Bro. Lawrie that the photograph would be useful for his future visits to United States of America.

Baptized Of  William Branham

At the service the next day, Bro. Lawrie was watching the people getting baptized.  Even though Bro. Lawrie knew and had understood the truth about oneness and the Jesus’ Name baptism, he was reluctant to be baptized by a white man due to the bitter experiences he had had.  Just then the Voice of God spoke to him again and said, “My Son, I have brought you all the way to fulfill my righteousness.”  The service was almost over by then.  So Bro. Lawrie requested Bro. Branham to hold on and said he was ready for Baptism and got into the water to be baptized.  This was on April 17, 1960.

 Bro. Branham prayed specially for Bro. Lawrie in the Communion Service that followed when he broke out in prophecy, “My Son, I send you as a different man. Millions of people will come to the feet of Jesus through you. Go back. Don’t stay here. Great signs and wonders will follow you. Thus saith the Lord”.

He went back to Chicago and attended a big meeting that was in session there conducted by Oral Roberts Ministry.  He was watching the many famous preachers go in one by one. There was Tommy Hicks. Gordon Lindsay just walked past. Morris Cerullo, Dawood, Tommy Osborn and many more went in. Bro. Branham too was there. No one took notice of Bro. Lawrie. He stood there in a corner trying not to catch the eyes of Bro. Branham since Bro. Branham had told him to go back to India and he still had not gone. Suddenly Bro. Branham called for Bro. Lawrie to come forward over to him. Embracing Bro. Lawrie right on the platform, Bro. Branham mildly chastised him saying, “Lawrie, I told you to go. Why are you lingering about here?”

When Bro. Lawrie replied that he could not go anywhere as he had no money, Bro. Branham then said, “Don’t stay here and do not join any denomination. You just go.  The Lord is with you. All your needs will be met. The Lord is with you. He has raised you for some great purpose. Don’t stay here. Go back to India”.

Return To India

Over the years, many prophecies had been given about Bro. Lawrie that God had raised him for some great purpose, but nothing seemed to be happening.  Wherever he went he met with opposition and difficulties.  When Bro. Branham told him to go he was wondering what to do next and was waiting on the Lord. On his way to the West Coast to embark for Japan en route to India, he was sitting in a hotel lobby when two girls walked in smoking. With painted faces and dressed to kill, they sat in front of Bro. Lawrie and blew smoke on his face in an arrogant manner. When he objected to their smoking and blowing on his face asking why they would do that, they said they wanted to know who he was.

He told them that he was an evangelist from India. Their attitude softened towards him and they asked if he was hungry, which he certainly was, having no money. They then got some food for him, and in parting gave him an envelope. Later when he opened the envelope he found enclosed 200 dollars a large sum at that time. No doubt when these two frivolous girls stand before the judgment seat, they will be richly rewarded.  When all the famous preachers and Christian leaders tried to purchase and enslave him under them with their money, these unconverted and frivolous girls helped him with their money to become a freeman. What an irony?

Bro. Lawrie came to the booking counter at San Francisco knowing that he did not have the needed money as the air fare to India, is enormous, but knew God would somehow provide it as has always been the case throughout his consecrated life. Sometime later an old man walked up to him and thrust into his hand a gift, also of 200 dollars. As he stood at the ticket counter in California still short of money for his plane passage, a man standing close by at the counter said, “I will pay for the ticket”. As he was leaving America, he had a vision of Jesus Christ who told him, “I am sending you back to India not with silver or gold which is worldly power.  I will be your power.  I will meet all your needs and you will be supported only by such souls who do hear my voice. Therefore never tell anyone your needs. Jesus also told him, “You will see my coming in your life, this generation”.

Therefore, he returned to India with no denomination and no money, but with the firm assurance and with great faith that God was with him.