More Sure Than Genealogy

Here is a True story of a Man chosen of God in this generation.  When we read this Biography we can understand how God deals with an individual to prepare him so that he could be used to fulfill the most important mystery of God for the Bride of Christ. In the Second Coming of Christ, He is to reveal himself as the Son of Man and Son of David.   We understand that the message concerning the Son of David had been revealed by Bro. Paulaseer Lawrie. 

This causes some questions to rise such as 1. Who is this Son of David? 2. How do we identify the Son of David? 3. How can one prove that Bro. Lawrie is that Person? 4. Are there records of genealogy to trace his ancestry to King David? And etc. Some people may ask how one can prove that Bro. Lawrie comes in the physical line of King David.  There are people who would not believe even if they were shown records of birth. In such a case what is the possibility of identifying the Son of David and those of the House of David without the records of genealogy?

Identifying The Lost Tribes

We all understand that the tribes of Israel had been scattered in all directions and have lost their identity. The records of their genealogy are not available after a certain generation and hence they lost their identity.  Now that the scattered tribes of Israel have lost their identity, one wonders whether there is any way to find out and confirm their identity in a foolproof manner. In the days of Ezra and Nehemiah, there were those children of the priests who were put away from the priesthood and not allowed to eat of the most holy things just because their names were not found in the register of genealogy. They could not prove beyond doubt that they were of the Children of Israel and were treated as ones who had lost their identity. Therefore a foolproof method was required to confirm and prove their identity without any question.

Then the Tirshatha (Governor) Nehemiah said that they needed a priest with the Urim and Thummim to confirm their identity even if they did not have the records of their genealogy (Ezra 2: 61-63, Nehemiah 7: 61-65). Therefore we understand that with the help of Urim and Thummim the lost identity could be found and confirmed  beyond any doubt in an infallible and foolproof manner without any question.

Urim And Thummim

In the Old Testament days, they had the Urim and Thummim which was the breast-plate of Aaron with 12 stones on it representing the 12 tribes of Israel (Exodus 28: 30, Numbers 27: 21, I Samuel 23: 9-12, I Samuel 28: 6).  Sometimes there were people said to be prophets or men of God who prophesied or claimed to have a Word, a Vision or a Dream from the Lord. Urim and Thummim means “Lights and Perfections”.  When there was a need to confirm whether those prophecies, words, visions and dreams were from the Lord, the High Priest had to put on his holy garments and the Urim and Thummim. Then the prophet or dreamer was asked to speak out the word, dream or vision before the Urim and Thummim.

If it was not of God, the Urim And Thummim was dormant.  But if it was of God, a supernatural light reflected on the stones resulting in a rainbow colouring across there, confirming it.  It was an infallible and foolproof evidence. If the supernatural light did not flicker on there, the prophecy was wrong and not from the Lord no matter how real it might have sounded to the listener.

Present Day Urim and Thummim

Now that the Aaronic priesthood has been done away with, we need an Urim and Thummim to understand the Truth correctly and to identify the Son of David. Today we have an Urim and Thummim which is God’s Word – The Holy Bible. Just as there were 12 Patriarchs in the Old Testament, we have 12 Apostles in the New Testament. The Types, Shadows and Patterns, Message, Revelations of the Day and the Supernatural vindications that have the foundation on the 12 Apostles’ doctrines are the lights that prove the ministry, message and messenger of our days (II Peter 1: 19, 3: 2, Jude 17, Revelation 21: 14).  Though Apostle Peter was an eye witness in the Mount of Transfiguration, he claims that the written Word to be more sure (II Peter 1: 16-18, 19).

The Great Light of God which was manifesting in the ministry of John the Baptist has been manifesting again in our Generation in the ministry of Bro. William Branham whom the Light identified and vindicated as the forerunner to the Second Coming of Christ and as the Messenger to the Seventh (Last) Church Age and also as Elijah. William Branham was given the revelation of the Seven Churches and Seven Seals to awaken the Bride of Christ and to identify and introduce the Lion of the Tribe of Judah who is also the Kinsman Redeemer and the Son of David (Revelation 5: 1-5, 10: 1-7, Matthew 25: 6-7), It is similar to John the Baptist introducing Jesus as the Lamb of God in his days.

During the First Ever Moon-landing, on July 21, 1969 (IST) The Lord Jesus gave Bro. Paulaseer Lawrie the revelation required for the Coming of Christ and came down into Him at Chicago, U.S.A. A few days earlier a Mount of Transfiguration incident was reported.  When Bro. Lawrie was preaching on the 23rd Psalm, flames of fire went forth from his eyes and he was transfigured. Great Revelations concerning the Plan of Redemption, The Preparation of the Bride of Christ, The Son of David, The Seven Unwritten Thunders, New Name and many other things hitherto unknown were revealed by Bro. Paulaseer Lawrie for the preparation of the Bride of Christ. His New Message compared with the rest of the Word from Genesis to Revelation.

How Do We Identify The Messenger

Any such ministry will have to fulfill at least the following conditions, though there is a lot more to it.

  1. He must have a New Message that compares with the rest of the Word from Genesis to Revelation with perfect Types and Shadows.
  2. If a person has the ministry of the Mighty Angel of Revelation 10, he must have the revelation to finish the mystery of God uttered by the Seven Thunders (Revelation 10: 1-7).
  3. If a person is Christ, He must have the Revelation of God coming down into Him as Jesus did.
  4. If a person is the Bridegroom, he must have the message to gather the Bride together and prepare her for the Rapturing Faith.
  5. If a person is the King of Kings with the Voice of a Lion, he must have the Revelation and Message about the Son of David and the Kingdom (Isaiah 22: 22, Revelation 3: 7, 10: 3).

One can easily see from the above statements that the Ministry of Bro. Paulaseer Lawrie, His Ministry and His Message fulfill all those conditions. In a family, when the members talk about the family secrets, the others usually do not understand. But the family members can easily understand. They know what, when and where about their family possessions. In the same way, when the believers are able to understand the Message of the Son of David and the secrets of the Kingdom we can easily infer that they belong to the House of David.

Therefore the Message, Messenger and Revelations of the Day according to the Scriptural Patterns, Types and Shadows and the Supernatural vindications as a whole make up the True Identifying Factors. With these thoughts in mind, if this Biography is approached it will help us to get a fuller understanding of the Son of David.