William Marrion Branham The Forerunner

Bro William Marrion Branham & Bro R Paulaseer Lawrie

Photograph of a  Significant meeting of the East and West

When Bro. Lawrie met Bro. William Branham in April 1960 in USA, he was baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ by Bro. Branham. A photograph was taken of them in a close hug during his stay there.  There does not seem to be any photograph of such closeness of Bro. Branham with anybody else except his wife. He also seems to have mentioned to Bro. Lawrie that the photograph would be useful for his future visits to United States of America.  True to the words of Bro. William Branham, when Bro. Lawrie visited the United States in 1967, this photograph was very useful for introduction amongst the believers of the Message of Bro. Branham.

The Forerunner

Mention should be made about the mighty ministry of Bro. William Marrion Branham of the United States of America that shook the world. He had the ministry of Elijah of the Last days to forerun the Second Coming of Christ in our generation. The Great Light of God which was manifesting in the ministry of John the Baptist has been manifesting again in our Generation in the ministry of Bro. William Branham whom the Light identified and vindicated as the forerunner to the Second Coming of Christ and as the Messenger to the Seventh (Last) Church Age and also as Elijah.  He was not afraid to preach the Truth and he strongly condemned the Christian churches for deviating from the Word of God.  But the organized churches and denominations did not even acknowledge him to be a Man sent from God.  As John was the greatest prophet messenger before the coming of Jesus Christ (Matthew 11: 11-14), William Branham had the greatest message and ministry manifesting the Power of God before the Second Coming of Christ.

On June 11, 1933, William Branham was conducting a baptismal service after an Open-Air Gospel meeting on the bank of the Ohio River, Jeffersonville, Indiana, U.S.A.  About 4000 people had gathered for this service.  As he was about to baptize the seventeenth convert he heard “A Voice” saying, “Look Up!” Looking up, William Branham saw a strange Light, like a star, whirling down toward him, coming to a stop just above him. The witnesses standing on the bank of the River were over-whelmed by this unexplainable phenomenon. Some ran for fear; others fell to their knees and worshipped. Many pondered the meaning of this remarkable occurrence.  The “Voice” spoke to William Branham from the Light saying:  “As John the Baptist was sent forth to forerun the First Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, you are sent forth with the message to forerun His Second Coming.” 

This was the commission given to William Branham.  “What was the significance or meaning of that Light?” was the question in everybody’s mind.  There should be still some who had witnessed this incident, living today.  The True believer of the Word of God would understand the significance and strive for the revelation of the Person who has been introduced by William Branham. When William Branham waited on the Lord to reveal to him the mystery of that Great Light, the Light appeared and a Swarthy Man (of dark complexion) emerged from the Light. He appeared to be about 5’6” (168 cm) weighing about 200 pounds (90 kgs).  He claimed that He was the Angel of the Lord (The Lord Himself) and that he had come to explain him about his ministry.  This was the voice William Branham had been hearing from his childhood and now he saw His form.  William Branham’s ministry was to forerun the coming of this Great Person in flesh and introduce him.

The Mysteries of the Book of Redemption, sealed with Seven Seals were revealed to him to be given to the Bride of Christ to awaken her for the Second Coming of Christ and to introduce the Lion of the Tribe of Juda (Revelation 5: 1-5, 10: 1-7, Matthew 25: 6-7).  John the Baptist had introduced the Lamb of God in the First Coming (John 1: 29). Prophet William Branham claimed that he had introduced a Great Person as Christ, The Word who came to him and met him in the water just like John the Baptist introduced into the world, Jesus Christ who came to him and met him in the water. This Great Person is the End-time Messiah. He is the Shiloh who gathers and unites people under Him and fulfills all the prophecies in the End-time as the Son of Man and Son of David (Genesis 49: 10).

As a forerunner to the Second Coming, Bro. Branham has made many direct statements regarding God coming down and Tabernacled in a man in flesh in this generation.  He has also thrown many hints for the people with spiritual insight.  I sincerely hope that the believers would understand them and find the person whom Bro. Branham had introduced as Christ the Son of David rising from the East. Apart from the statements he had made concerning the Coming of Christ, he had prophesied about the end of the Gentile Christian Age.  He had a series of seven visions about the end-time in which the first five are already fulfilled.   In 1962 March, he had prophesied that there would be a settlement regarding the city of Berlin which would be a Roman revival. 

Accordingly the Soviet Empire fell and brought the upheaval of all world governments. In 1989 June, the Wall of Berlin was broken and both East and West Germany were united into one. It was the beginning of Globalization.  Now we see the entire world coming under this system. He had prophesied that the city of Los Angeles would go down into the ocean. He had mentioned about a woman President coming to power in America. He also speaks of a Pope from the United States (1954). These are some of the signs that should be watched.

Hints From The Forerunner

I have given briefly below what I had understood from the Messages of Bro. William Marrion Branham that may help the reader to ponder over.

  1. But one of these days, there’s a great magnate coming from the East, called the Son of God, that’ll sweep this land.
  2. Somebody try and get somebody to the moon. God’s trying to get somebody to heaven.
  3. They can trying to go to the moon and… That’s another Tower of Babel.
  4. Church has received a heavenly Sign: an Astronaut.
  5. When the WORD here unites with the PERSON, and they two become one, and then what does it do then? It manifests the SON OF MAN again.
  6. The Word come to the prophet in this dispensation of grace in the WATER. I thought you would catch it. IN THE WATER!
  7. And John said, “Behold the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world.” See? So it–it paralleled it in every way, and I know it will.
  8. It may be time. It may be the hour now, that this Great Person that we’re expecting to rise on the scene may rise on the scene. Maybe this ministry that I have tried to take people back to the Word has laid a foundation; and if it has, I’ll be leaving you for good. There won’t be two of us here the same time. See? If it is, he will increase, I’ll decrease. I don’t know. But I have been privileged by God to look and see.
  9. O God, may I be able to hand this old Sword over to somebody else that’ll be honest with It, Lord, and will pack the truth.
  10. My time’s up now. I’ve introduced you to Him. I must decrease now; I must go off the scene. He will take over from here. The millennium will be on right away.
  11. Then when he seen that Light coming down, spread out like a dove and lit upon Him, he said, “There He is. That’s Him.” But John was the only one that saw It.
  12. It comes just like John the Baptist. It comes like the birth of our Lord in a stable.
  13. He come as from a little lady that lived down in the–in–in a little old mean country called Nazareth……Shivers me to think it. And to see the same thing reoccurring again… God cannot change.
  14. When our Lord appears here on earth, He will be riding on a snow white horse, and He will be completely, fully, the Emmanuel, the Word of God incarnate in a man.
  15. See, it’s Son of man, Jesus Christ, will come down in human flesh among us.
  16. But in that day, oh God, there’ll be a Branch rise up from David.
  17. Watch that Capital ‘L’ and see if it isn’t right.
  18. I’ll admit we have got a lot of impersonators, but examine the FIRST ONE, the Original.
  19. When this comes to pass, it’ll be great, big like this and it’ll be so humble.  You’ll miss the whole thing and just go right on.
  20. When you see God come from the heaven, stand before groups of men, and stand there, declare Himself just as He ever did… And that’s the Truth, and this Bible open. See?
  21. It was easy for those Jews who’d been taught through generations to believe that there was a great supernatural God. But to think that that God had come down and was manifesting Himself through the Person of His Son, Jesus Christ, God tabernacled in a Body of flesh, that was a little too much for them to–to understand.
  22. God will appear again among His people in Human flesh.
  23. He was so nice to come down and let me have my picture taken with Him.