New Covenant To Be Made With GOD Almighty

Photograph was taken while Bro. Lawrie is conducting Baptism Service


 Oath of Allegiance to the Lord Jesus Christ

I………………….of……………………..henceforth take the Lord Jesus Christ to be mine own.  I promise to receive Him as my Husband and I give myself to Him, unworthy though I am to be His spouse. I ask of Him in this marriage of Spirit with Spirit that I may be of the same mind with Him, meek, pure, nothing in myself and united in God’s will (everything within His will, neither more nor less).

Pledging as I am to be His spouse, I accept as a part of my marriage portion the temptations, persecutions, sufferings, sorrows, slander, the crosses and the contempt which befell Him by reckoning myself dead unto Him and returning totally to the Eternal Word of God – the Holy Bible, and also the Glory which accompanies the victory and kingdom which is now due to Him and the immortality which He gives me. 

I believe that the Lord Jesus Christ has come down in this world in pillars of cloud, flaming eyes and the voice of thunders from the East.  I promise to stand against all persecutions and pressure which this world and anti-Christ may try to bring upon me as I believe totally that the Lord Jesus Christ, Who has come down to receive me unto Himself, will make me overcome and give me immortality without tasting death. 

I count everything in this world as dung and will forsake everything and be ready with the help of God to go away with Him shortly.  (For Ladies only: I promise that as written in the Word of God, I will not preach, wear pants or men’s apparel, or cut my hair short but allow it to grow).  I also promise that I will not associate with people belonging to any denomination or possessed with a denominational spirit and who are not totally on God’s Word. 

I consider the Holy Bible as my final authority and not the Spoken Word books or any other books.  I believe with my whole heart that Bro. William Marrion Branham was a real prophet of God and Forerunner of the Ministry which is now in full swing to take the Bride off the earth before the onset of tribulation. 

Now that I take this last communion, I also promise that I will no more partake in any communion service of any group or denomination since I have come into the New Bride Covenant which sets me free from all bondage.

O! Death, where is thy sting?  O! Grave, where is thy victory?

Vowed on the Word of God this ……………………………. day on ………… month ………. year ……………. in the presence of God.




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Prayerfully ask forgiveness for being away from God’s Word and to take away the blinding veil covering your face.  Reverently kneel down and keep your hands on the Word of God.  Make this vow believing sincerely this ministry of God coming down and you will be filled with a New Spirit never experienced before.  Also according to Isaiah 4:5, the Lord will give you the Pillar of Cloud and Fire for your covering and defense.  There is a veil on the face of those who have not come to God’s Word after reading the Prophet’s message.  When you sincerely come back to God’s Word, this veil is lifted up by the Spirit of God and your blindness ceases.  You see God and have access to the Tree of Life.