Biography of Bro Paulaseer Lawrie

Introduction Topics

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More Sure than Genealogy

Here is a True story of a Man chosen of God in this generation. When we read this Biography we can understand how God deals with an individual...


Forerunner and his Hints

Mention should be made about the mighty ministry of Bro. William Marrion Branham of the United States of America that shook the world.


The Roots

Christianity came to India earlier than almost anywhere else outside its own home in the Middle East. St. Thomas, an Apostle of Jesus Christ...

Initial Stage Ministry


In the Beginning

When a Biography is written about a person, there are certain questions that arise. Whom is this Biography written about? What is the need to...


Called by God for his Ministry

In the 1940s the Indian National Congress Movement for gaining Independence from the British gathered momentum. Patriotic as he was..


The Global call

During the 40 day fast undertaken by Bro. Lawrie, he became very weak towards the end of the fast. The believers around him were praying for him...

Mass Salvation and Healing Campaigns

When Brother Lawrie returned from his first world tour on July 25, 1960, he was very much dejected. Wherever he went people talked as if he must...

Second Stage Ministry


Opening of the Gate for wider Pastures

In the beginning, before getting to know and understand deeper truths from the Bible, Bro. Lawrie was preaching the Salvation and Healing...

Lawrie walking

Manujothi Ashram

In simple terms an ‘Ashram’ is an Indian word meaning - A religious and social service centre for people to lead a dedicated and consecrated life for God having a deeper spiritual connection with...


World-Wide Ministry

In April 1967 Sister Lawrie had a dream in which she saw that they were in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The next morning she told Bro. Lawrie about it and said, “Something is going to happen".


Third Tour and The Great Event

Bro. & Sister Lawrie had elaborate plans for 1969, among other things, to visit various countries around the world. These plans were not realized...


The Gathering

After the Moon-landing in July 21, 1969, the Moon-landing messages were sent all over the world to those who knew about the ministry of Bro. Lawrie including the followers of Bro. William Branham.

Last stage Ministry


A Strange Ministry Among NON-CHRISTIANS

Jesus Christ had a Strange Ministry after he had finished his ministry for the Jews. Jesus first preached to the Jews and was rejected by the Jews.


The Final Part of His Earthly Life

As the days drew near when Bro. Lawrie should leave this earth, he gradually started giving hints about his departure from his earthly body just...


Glourious Expectations

Now that the earthly ministry of Bro. Lawrie is over there would be many questions lingering in the minds of the True Believers. Many had expected Bro. Lawrie to be taken up without...


He walked in God's Ways

These anecdotes of the life of this mighty Son of God, collected from various sources have been spread out on these pages for the reader to...


And He Gave Him His Power

Bro. Lawrie always had a great burden for people who were sick and maimed and he sometimes became over burdened from feeling the weight...